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Awesome Features

Presenting - our very own, private, collabor8ive, Social Media platform. It was created for promoting intentional living, living off the land and natural resource discussion. A place to showcase talents, skills, arts, passion and love for a better world; enjoy a clean and advertisement free experience in a safe environment where free speech is encouraged. Here, all must respect fellow members and conduct themselves with integrity, that is just as important as your privacy and all are highly valued by this Platform. Full members at enjoy many additional and related features that include Forums, group chat, instant messaging, events and more. See you on the inside!


Members can upload, categorise, share and comment on photos and videos. You can create albums. There are also "Groups" and "Topics" sections for Collabor8 partners and businesses. Our live activity feed works like other common Social Media platforms. Our system is user friendly from sign in!



We have our own classifieds (marketplace) for members to list, buy and sell. We verify all of our users, an element of security beyond other (free) Social Media platforms... and we have a special document section for uploading, sharing, downloading and referencing files amongst members.



Our system runs on our own special, private server and is HTTPS protected. This means that any data (payment, conversation, picture etc) sent between your device (computer, tablet, phone) and our server, is protected. We do NOT share your data with ANY third party and we are display ZERO advertising!

Kia Ora and Welcome!

This "Social Media" subscription at is separate to our main "Members" website at and is an add-on feature. Only our main Members have the Chat function, access to Forums, access to Events and respective Calendars etc. Our very own PRIVATE Social Media Platform will cost $10 annually. However, it's free for Full Members as subscribed via after 01 August 2019.

This is a Member-Only Social Media Platform

A subscriber may be a Social Media Member only or a Full Member. The Platform is owned by Collabor8 Life Limited, New Zealand. It is not an open, public platform such as Facebook. Data is private and we administer a strict privacy policy in respect to the use of data and display of content here. MAIN WEBSITE: Videos

What people are saying about us?

A testimonial snippet from the response we received when beginning to launch.

Fantastic - launch customer here!

By Kristine - June 18, 2019

This system is fantastic! I love that it's private, so I don't get advertisements selected by Google and Facebook... We all know that is how they are funded. I prefer to be here for $10 a year just for that! I just signed up on your other site (for the events, chat features like forums, Instant Messaging & group chat) and love it - ALL.

No one else has this. Awesome azz!

By Chaz - June 18, 2019

Great work on the new Social Media Platform, it looks funky fun. I think it's complimentary to the likes of Facebook where my typical friends and family interact. Here I can view, post, share and find information based on my interests in self sustainability. This site will continue to grow into an ever valuable resource. Can't wait.

Collabor8 customer upgrading.

By James - June 18, 2019

Wow, so fast, so easy and really cheap for the privacy guys, just my opinion. I am a member on at $14 a month, what's another $10 a year ha! and I see the introduction of a classifieds marketplace and document repository - very nice. I paid for five years to support you guys and will help market this. Thanks!